Stretch -n- Grow is the world’s largest network of certified youth fitness instructors providing fun & engaging enrichment programs that get kids moving at their schools.

We specialize in high quality, FUN exercise experiences that get kids moving, including: Fitness, Dance, Gymnastics, Sports, Music and Yoga.

Springing Into Spring

March has arrived and there is a new energy in the air. Seasons are about to shift, and the changing of the seasons puts a new spring in everyone’s step. This new hop, skip, and jump does not just brighten one’s mood, it is also lots of fun and has some health...

FEBRUARY! Healthy Heart, Happy Heart

February is best known for Valentine’s Day, but did you know that it is also American Heart Month? The heart is such an important, and interesting, organ in the body. It keeps our bodies running, keeps the blood moving, and is one of the parts of the body doctors are...

January BLOG! Happy NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year everyone! 2020 is here, and now it is grey, cold, and the kids are bored. January can seem like one of the slowest months of the year. After a month of fun festivities, visiting family, and having booked schedules it can feel like all activity has come...

3 Ways To Teach Gratitude to Kids

The definition of gratitude in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is given as, “the state of being grateful, thankfulness”. Some synonyms include appreciation, appreciativeness, gratefulness, and thanks. The Stretch-n-Grow philosophy goes beyond physical health; it...

Pumpkin Pickin’ – Start to Finish

Fall has arrived, and it is time for all things red and gold, warm and spicy. Cinnamon, cloves,and long walks over crunchy leaves are autumnal essentials, but nothing tops everyone’s favorite orange seasonal squash. Pumpkin is king during this time of year. It gets...

Sleepin’ in September

Sleepin’ in September: Developing Your Child’s Bedtime Routine September is synonymous with the change of seasons and back to school. Whether your family has been back in the school routine for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, it can be a slow adjustment,...

Quick and Easy Breakfast on SCHOOL DAYS!!!

Quick and Healthy Breakfasts for a Great School Year Is it really that time of year again? Is it really time to start prepping for back to school?  Crayons and backpacks are the hot ticket items in the stores because August is here and whether there’s only a week left...

H20 is the WAY TO GO!!!

Peak summer heat has arrived and all the kids are home from school. While having nothing to do for three months may be great for a few weeks, we all know that our kids begin to get restless quickly. Finding fun and active forms of play that reduces screen time becomes...

Fitness Fun Found in our National Parks

Our Stretch-n-Grow Roadtrippers are having a blast learning about the National Parks this summer. These adventures have our friends hiking, canoeing, running, and jumping their way across 3,537,436 square miles of American terrain. Using our imagination, we’re taking...

Safe Time in the Sunshine

In today’s world, people have a love-hate relationship with the sun. It is an important source of Vitamin D, critical to overall mental wellness, and is the key source of life in beautiful flowers and nutritious fruits and vegetables. For children, spending time...

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We deliver on our promises and strive to meet & exceed expectations, creating the best programs, taught by the best people and delivered in the best places.



We engage the kids with joy and excitement in every class, and our energy fills the school.

We make growing up fun!



We aim to partner with schools and parents to reach our common goal: happy, healthy, and successful kids.



We give more than our programs to our schools, families, and staff. We give them time, resources, and our hearts because we’re dedicated to making their lives better in our way.


Our faith based core values are at the center of everything we do.


Luckily, our work IS play. So this one is pretty easy for us. 🙂